Growing Sociocracy together

SociocracyUK serves a network of individuals and organisations around the regions that make up the Islands of the North Atlantic, commonly known as Ireland and Great Britain, and formerly as the British Isles.

We exist to support the growth in use and understanding of Sociocracy for smarter, more effective and more enjoyable organisations, collaboration, work and living.

We share a common and passionately held view that ‘business as usual’, whether in business, in politics, and anywhere that human beings come together, not only needs to change, but will evolve or become obsolete in the face of better practices.

There are many others working for similar goals, and identifying similar problems. We would love you to join, connect or support us, or tell us about what you are doing and how we can support each other.

We host an online platform for people to connect, stay in touch, access and share resources and events. You can browse or register here, or contact us to be more involved.

We are also looking for donations and funding partners to help us grow. Can you help?

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