Growing Sociocracy together


SociocracyUK was formed by a small group following a workshop led by John Buck in 2010 and hosted by DecisionLab in Brighton, England, with a desire to make Sociocracy more visible and to discover who was using it, to support each other in growing.

Until that time, there were established networks of interest and practice across mainland Europe, and since ‘We The People’ was published in 2007 by John Buck and Sharon Villines, there was a growing interest in the English speaking world and beyond, especially North America. There were small pockets closer to home, but it was felt that more had to be done to bring Sociocracy to the rest of us.

We set up an online ‘cafe’, that anyone can use for self organising. We started hosting social events and in partnership, we encouraged a flurry of training, talks and efforts to build a community and provide pathways for learning and development, and generally increasing the profile of Sociocracy.

We have been holding circle meetings to co-ordinate our strategy, regularly since 2010. Co-ordinating circle members maintain close links with the international community, use Sociocracy in our independent professional practice, projects and lives, and talk about it at every opportunity.

Built by Martin. Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 4.0