Growing Sociocracy together

We want to see

  • people in the UK consciously co-creating the decisions that affect them,
  • leaders equipped to guide their peers toward collaborative governance,
  • organisations governed by their members with equivalence in decision-making for personal, community and planetary well-being.

Our mission is to increase awareness of and accessibility to sociocracy in the UK, by developing a membership network, disseminating information, promoting learning of sociocratic principles and practices, developing sociocratic experts and sharing model ways to make sociocracy work for communities, business and government at all levels.

To achieve our mission we offer:

  • promotion, public relations and awareness building of sociocracy in the UK
  • networking, collaboration and support for members of sociocratic organisations
  • community of practice and exchange for sociocratic practitioners and learners
  • online resources and connection for both general public and organisation
  • advice and support of sociocracy training, facilitation and consultancy
  • referrals to qualified practicing sociocratic professionals
  • channels for accreditation & quality support.


Built by Martin. Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 4.0